I am a big believer in self-discovery.  Why, you may ask?

Did you know that until you were roughly 8 years old you were in a perpetual state of trance, absorbing things you heard, saw, experienced through your nervous system, like a sponge with little to no critical thinking to filter the impressions?

By the time you are 8 years old you have formed the foundation for what becomes your paradigm of the world.  It’s during this time that the seeds of your limiting beliefs are planted too, even if they don’t surface until much later on in life, when say, you’re in a growth phase in your business or life.

Most of our early life experiences shape our personalities in ways that are unchangeable, but I am in the business of making change so I am interested in the parts that can change.  I believe there’s value in self-discovery because of two main reasons:

1. By identifying aspects of your inner world you can create an inventory of what you like and don’t like, and you can be proactive in changing the things you don’t like,  An example of things most people don’t like are limiting beliefs, which are beliefs that prevent you from being, doing and having what you want.

2. Most of us might know the top 3 values we have in our lives, like Freedom, Love and Growth. But we usually have 5-10 core values. We often don’t know the order of our values and we don’t clarify what they mean to us.

The problem with not knowing our true values, what they mean to us or what order they are in, we will feel like we are never fully satisfied. We will feel like we constantly have needs that aren’t being met.

One fun way to get to know yourself better is by taking a personality test. They’re not definitive, but they can certainly help you in creating a map of aspects you like about yourself and you want to nurture and aspects of yourself that you’d like to work on.

Here’s a link to a fun, free personality test you can take. I have no affiliation with this company, but they offer extensive results that have been very accurate for me.

Trade results?

If you’d like to see my results, reach out and I’ll send you mine in return!  We might learn a thing or two about each other!

I’m excited!