This has been the best month of the year so far!  Yes, I am fully aware that it’s only day 4 of this month, and even if I don’t take summer vacations like I did when I was a kid, I’m experiencing a sense of freedom and joy that I typically would feel during my summer vacations.

When I was a kid that sense of freedom used to come from being out of school for summer, out of the stuffy class rooms and out into the fresh air where I could play all day long and soak up the sun–sometimes till 3 or 4am, in the red midnight sun of Northern Norway.

Today, as I am writing to you, this sense of freedom feels similar and it’s coming from a similar, yet different place.  In previous posts I’ve mentioned feeling the growth pain we experience as our minds, hearts and soul expands.

I’ve also mentioned how important it is to gain understanding about who you are and who you’re becoming, so that you can be proactive about shaping your life the way you want it.  If it’s not clear to you why that is important, let me share this:

When you are not proactively strengthening and deepening your relationship with yourself, by default your life becomes a collage of other people’s agendas, wants and desires along with the workings of the universe’s infinite randomness. Your life happens to you instead of it happening for you.

But how can you tell if this is happening in your life?  If you lack a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment, this IS what’s happening.

You might say, No, I am proactive! I set goals, I work hard, I am a good person, I try my best and yada yada yada.  Aaand, like I’ve also talked about: Based on RESULTS… 

Today I am feeling this sense of growing freedom because I am beginning to reap the benefits from the deep work I have been doing.  Remember, as you are out there in the big world living your life and experiencing successes and challenges, so am I.

I am not a coach who sits on the sideline preaching to you from some random self-help books and from going to a Tony Robbins seminar (although I have been to one, and it was an amazing experience).  I’m out there living my life too, and as someone who “has a need for speed” and because of my utter personal growth geekiness, I tend to seek out, both consciously and unconsciously, intense life experiences.

The benefits I am reaping are because I now better understand the workings of my unconscious mind and what’s truly important to me in life, allowing me to take bigger and bolder actions. Allowing me to have the clarity, confidence and drive to take bigger risks. And the rewards are bigger than ever before.

Join me on Facebook Live throughout the month of June as I get REAL with you guys in a new way.   I’ll be talking about authenticity, growth, letting shit go, energy, consciousness, the BODY, pain & pleasure, visibility, results and defining what success mindset is all about! 

If you’re as jazzed about this as I am, let me know!  And, feel free to give me a list of burning questions you might have about–anything–really OR stay tuned so you can join me live during my moments of inspiration on Facebook throughout the month of June!