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An attitude of gratitude, that’s the name of the game.  Gratitude IS important, but honestly, that was just me trying to bust a rhyme….

Before I get into why an attitude of gratitude is ONE of the many things that’s really important in getting more of what you want, this week I want to talk about what doesn’t work.

I’ll send out what does work next week (and if you’re dying to know, message me, and I’ll send you next week’s post early).

Part 1: The don’ts

Don’t be a Run BMC.

Don’t Run around and Bitch, Moan or Complain. I have a near involuntary aversion to being like “everyone else” as well as to contributing to more mediocrity on this planet, and if you do too, you will want to stay clear of bitching, moaning and complaining, because “everybody” does.  You might think that it gives you something to talk about or even worse, you use it to bond with other people.

If you are doing that I want to nip that in the bud right away: It only shows what you choose to focus your attention on, what you fill your mind with and the only people you bond with are people who also are Run BMC’s. That’s not how you uplevel, my friend. You get what you focus on, whether you like it or not.

Don’t be self deprecating.

Again, you get what you focus on whether you like it or not. If you are focusing on (i.e. thinking about, talking about, writing about) things that you don’t like about yourself, you will enhance those aspects of yourself.

You’ll also get other people focusing on the aspects of yourself you don’t like. If you are not happy with your poor self-care habits, your lack of progress or your poor “luck” in relationships, stop wasting your time Run BMC’ing first.

Then stop wasting your time even telling people about it, yourself included, and start putting your precious energy into doing something about it!

Don’t suppress how you feel about what you don’t like.

Wait, isn’t that opposite of the point above? Kind of, but not really. If you are feeling resistance to what you have in your life (i.e. feeling unhappy, ashamed, in denial, annoyed, guilty, etc), you put the things you DON’T want on steroids.

You may think you’re going around focusing on what you want, like higher paying clients, more money, a date, a high paying speaking gig, a new car, a luxury vacation.

But your resistance (i.e. baggage) causes you to unconsciously think about the lack of those things. Once again, you get what you focus on whether you like it or not.

Getting What You Want

When you engage in the above mentioned behaviors, you’re essentially swimming in your own muck.

When you’re swimming in your own muck, you stink. When you stink, nobody wants you around. And it’s really hard to be successful when nobody wants you around… Just sayin’.

Next weeks post will be all about what you want to do to create riches in your business and life.

Stay tuned for the ‘DO do’ list!